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A Billionmen Productions Limited is a UK, India and Nigeria based company. We are a multimedia, entertainment business management and consultancy services provider. We also have dynamic investments in Music, TV and film production.

Our Services

In a vast growing multimedia industry where success depends solely on inventing creative solutions - through ideas blending with cutting edge technology, A Billionmen Productions Limited meets these demands. We also recognize, attract and partner cooperative networks with vast networks of like-minded global innovative enterprises, ultimately furnishing businesses with much needed innovative solutions and services.

Capacity building is one of our key strengths; our association with universities and organizations include the University of Wales, United Kingdom and the Skillet Academy UK. This empowers us to be at the cutting edge always, thus giving incisive deliverables in terms of products, services, strategies and solutions to today’s market’s acute demand for the best by the best.


ABMP and Company


ABMP and Company is a music, film and TV media consultancy services provider, a sister company and consulting arm of A Billionmen Productions Limited.

We provide in-depth entertainment business management services. We also assist clients in:
Facilitating client needs, feasibility studies and project risks assessments
Selecting and engaging the consultant team
Optimizing the business parameters of the concept design
Facilitating project start-ups
Facilitating project finance
Coordinating authority submissions and approvals
Coordinating project development on behalf of our client
Developing project strategy

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Head Office:

13, Anambra Crescent, Maitama,
P.M.B 5348. FCT - Abuja, Nigeria.

UK Office:
Block B, Britainia Enterprise Park,
Blackwood, NP12 3SP, United Kingdom.
India Office:
111 Mandakini Enclave,
New Delhi, 110019, India.

Email: info@abillionmen.com

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